jueves, 1 de marzo de 2012

New Version with fixes 2012-03-01

Just a few days after the first release I update it again. I have fixed some stuff that I miss and added some new features.

Download the new version 2012-03-01

Short changelog:

  • Initial SAS support. Games will play more sounds. It was disabled because of the speed, but now streams the decoded data.
  • AT3+ loops support. This will avoid the background music to stop.
  • Fixed the stencil buffer. demos/reflection now works fine.
  • Fixed some problems when drawing 2D and 3D, that made the 2D to not display. This fixes some homebrew games (like menus of skyroads, dungeon assault...) and probably commercial too.
  • Regression: Fixed the UID generation to start by 1 instead of 0. That prevented Haruhi from starting. Though still crashes on the mpeg stuff.
  • Fixed minor bugs
  • Improved AT3 speed. Instead of loading the whole WAV to memory, streams it. This makes Castlevania to run at almost full speed. (Though it looks really ugly.)
  • Added a new option in Debug menu to dump geometry in a Waveform .obj file. That dumps the geometry of the current frame to "ms\gpu_frame.obj"
  • Added a new option to register WavDest in order to be able to play atrac3+ background music. You will still need to install OpenMG.
  • Added more information on the about box including git commit/facebook/twitter links
  • Added switches to run the program in commandline. Just run cspspemu /help for more information.
  • Updated OpenTK
  • Refactorings and small speedups

4 comentarios:

  1. i need guide about how to start this emu step by step

    like-kingdom heartes bbs-the 3rd birthday-metal gear soild ops-final fantasy war of lion....etc

    cuz i try to start game and no luck >_<

    1. At this stage it can run just a few games. Those games won't run yet.
      You can use jpcsp emulator that have much more compatibility at this moment.

  2. ohh thanx man i will waiting for new version

    i already used jpcsp for log tome but it's not good

    it's give slow movement for this game so i will wait for new this emu ^^

  3. At this stage it can run just a few games. Those games won't run yet.

    Very curious thought