martes, 26 de julio de 2011

Official Forums

Since I have dropped the support of my own forums here, Emunewz have kindly offered a place in their forums. You can access them here:

I will read those forums eventually, but I don't have too much time for that, so it will be only eventually.

MaXiMu will notify me if there is something I have to know so you can ask him too.

lunes, 25 de julio de 2011

Fourth release : D Pspemu r301

About a year after the last release...
I have been working lately on the emulator again and I have redone lots of its internals. Now it's faster, reliabler and even can run some commercial games!

Astonishia Story

Reduced changelog:
  • Some commercial games are running! Check our compatibility list, and feel free to add missing games.
  • New entirely remade multithreaded cpu core!! It will use a native thread per psp cpu thread. So it will get faster on newer cpus with multiple cores. Lots of games have several psp threads, one for the game, other for decoding audio... before this release cpu was executed on a single thread, now it will use one windows' thread per psp thread and executed parallely on multicore cpus withouth any penaly of switching psp threads because it won't switch anything.
  • Gpu morphing and skinning!
  • Synchronized components throgh mutex and events instead of polling. (Still not perfect). A better and faster design that eliminates some bottlenecks.
  • More homebrew compatibility!
  • Now using eclipse as IDE, using DDT to get autocompletion! Much more productivity.
  • Cleanups
  • More APIs implemented
  • hq2x and output scaling...
  • Cheats (enabled by command line)
  • Command line tools for advanced users. "pspemu.exe --help" to see a list of commands.
  • Lots and lots of work
  • Background music (Atrac3+ support) with SonicStage (and WaveOut Codec) installed.
  • And more...
Notes and expectations:
  • At this moment it has been a single person work.
  • Still uses a cpu interpreter. Even with multithreading, it will be slower than jpcsp and pcsp on most scenarios where the cpu usage is critical. It will get much faster when implementing the cpu dynarec and one of the fastests out there. I'll do that after getting some more compatibility and after some cleanups.
  • Still not using shaders. It uses plain OpenGL 1.1 so it has to rebuild every texture whenever clut changes. I will implement shaders later. Also I'm going to check if it's feasible to decode some things like vertex information or color information using OpenCL.
  • Do not expect getting videos, or getting complex games working at this stage.
Want to help getting this emulator better and better?

Now that I'm using an IDE, and most of the core is fine, the idea of having a team is getting more and more interesting. So:
  • Did you find a bug? Do you have an idea to improve the emulatorReport it here!
  • Do you know about the psp's internals or about the psp's kernel api or even emulators and want to learn D? Join us! (Check the FAQ page to find out why D is one of the best choices to make an emulator) Also you can let us know how to implement some X functionality.
  • Have lots of games and some spare time? Fill up our compatibility database.
  • Do you know D and want to apply it in a project, or learn how an emulator works or about the PSP platform? Join us!
  • None of the above but still wanting to help? Please, read the final words.

Final words:

I have a full time work and a very nice girlfriend that requies time, both things takes a lot of time and I can't expend all the time I want on this. I love emulation, but I can't eat and live without money. So I have some commercial projects. The more success of those projects, the more time I will be able to expend on things i love, like emulation.

Currently I have a project I launched with a friend some time ago:

It's not an affiliate but a website I created to earn some money.
It's a webstore of Indie games. If you like indie games, or if you are an indie developer and want to publish your game there, take a look. We started with only free games, but now we are accepting commercial games too.

So If you are a Indie Game Developer and want to sell your game, don't doubt it. We are preparing the first commercial games before perform advertising on it. More information for Indie Developers.

If you are not interested on indie games, but want to help, you can! Just spread to the world. Maybe some people are interested. There are some great games there people might like.

Also I'm going to donate every three months the 10% of my whole earnings from all my commercial projects to Doctors Without Borders.

More information: //

Thanks in advance!


You can download the binaries of the emulator here. And check some screenshots of this version here.

And don't forget to become a fan on facebook! and follow us on twitter!

As always you can follow the changes from google code and download the D Psp Emulator r301 build for windows.