domingo, 11 de mayo de 2014

jspspemu - update

I have been working on the emulator. Now it can run Puzzle Bobble with sound and at full speed (on a normal computer). Also I have created a blog:

So I will put updates about the emulator there.
Also I will update cspspemu with several fixes I have found while working on jspspemu when ryujit is complete with SIMD support. I will update it with SIMD + Roslyn + C# 6 + cleanups and fixes.

This version, allows to play Puzzle Bobble within modern browsers without plugins. It should work on windows, linux, mac... It now supports saving, audio with atrac3+ and displays bezier curves (still hacky) and should work on mobile (though still a bit slow).

It is know to work on Chrome, Opera, Firefox, IE11. And currenly don't work on Safari.

You can test the lastest stable version as always here:

lunes, 24 de marzo de 2014


Although probably I will improve cspspemu in parallel with fixes from this one, I have started a javascript psp emulator:

You can find it here. It cannot run commercial games yet:

If anyone want to help, here is the opensource project: