miércoles, 30 de junio de 2010

Third release : D Pspemu r164

After several months, another release of this emulator with a buch of new improvements:
  • Implemented basic Vfpu stuff!! Now cubevfpu, NeHe and some other demos are working.
  • GPU speed and compatibility improvements. TRXKICK+Lighting+other fixes and improvements. For example cavestory runs 10fps faster.
  • Sound enabled by default and could be enabled/disabled while running. Still sounds very bad.
  • Lots of new NIDs implemented.
  • Fixed arguments passed to the programs. Now PSPTrist and some other homebrews using arguments start working.
  • Improved unittesting to avoid regressions.
  • Added a menu option to associate psp files to the emulator.
  • Clean ups. Small fixes. And much more...

Again, can't load commercial games, but have much more compatibility with homebrews.

Also, I have created a mini project similar to luaplayer but with the squirrel language. I didn't release it yet, but you can test it in the svn: /extra/squirrel. It has automatic background resource loading. 2D Sprites/Bitmaps+Slicing, TileMaps+A* Pathfinding, IntraFont and Sqlite database. Enjoy.

As always you can follow the changes from google code and download the D Pspemu r164 build for windows.

Screenshots: r164 (2010-06-30)

viernes, 23 de abril de 2010

Second release: D Pspemu r131

A new version of the emulator with lots and lots of improvements:

  • Lots of cleanups and improvements in code
  • Lots of fixes, improvements and new implemented stuff on kernel
  • Improved unittesting
  • A lot of fixes of the gpu
  • Clut implementation for gpu and checks for texture cache
  • Fixed display and a lot of display/render modes. (Still with some issues)
  • Some fixes on CLEAR and PRIM gpu opcodes. Now CLEAR is less faked.
  • Elf relocation
  • Started to work with dynarec and sound (though it's disabled at the moment)
  • Take screenshot feature
  • Small memory viewer (not editable yet) and register viewer
  • Fixed and implemented more cpu instructions
  • Added more demos and tests
  • Autodetection of window's language for the psp's registry.
  • And much more...!

Still can't load commercial games, but there are much more homebrews running.

As always you can follow the changes from google code and download the D Pspemu r131 build for windows.

lunes, 29 de marzo de 2010

Forums and Betatesting

I have started the forums of the project. There is no a lot of content yet, but there they are if someone want to collaborate.

At the moment I'm not searching developers (until I get the core of the emulator well defined). But still in the meantime betatesting would be very appreciated.
The emulator cannot run commercial games yet, but should start running homebrew games. Testing and reporting broken ones would be very appreciated.
Forums can be accessed here

You can use twitter and facebook.

Screenshots: More Work (2010-03-29)

sábado, 27 de marzo de 2010

First release: Pspemu r99

After almost two years, I continued this emulator. With more knowledge about programming and D, I started a new version from scratch in January of this year. It was slow because I have other things to do. But I have been working hardly on it this week and now I have released a version that can run some homebrew. Enjoy!

Website up

I just started this website to publish news about this emulator.

Screenshots: TrigWars r101 (2010-03-27)