miércoles, 28 de abril de 2010

Screenshots: r144 NesterJ PSPTris (2010-04-28)

viernes, 23 de abril de 2010

Second release: D Pspemu r131

A new version of the emulator with lots and lots of improvements:

  • Lots of cleanups and improvements in code
  • Lots of fixes, improvements and new implemented stuff on kernel
  • Improved unittesting
  • A lot of fixes of the gpu
  • Clut implementation for gpu and checks for texture cache
  • Fixed display and a lot of display/render modes. (Still with some issues)
  • Some fixes on CLEAR and PRIM gpu opcodes. Now CLEAR is less faked.
  • Elf relocation
  • Started to work with dynarec and sound (though it's disabled at the moment)
  • Take screenshot feature
  • Small memory viewer (not editable yet) and register viewer
  • Fixed and implemented more cpu instructions
  • Added more demos and tests
  • Autodetection of window's language for the psp's registry.
  • And much more...!

Still can't load commercial games, but there are much more homebrews running.

As always you can follow the changes from google code and download the D Pspemu r131 build for windows.