sábado, 3 de marzo de 2012

Emulator Buttons

I missed to put information about the mapping keys for each button. And it doesn't allow to configure it yet.
So the mapping right now is the following:

switch (Key)
    case Keys.W: return PspCtrlButtons.Triangle;
    case Keys.S: return PspCtrlButtons.Cross;
    case Keys.A: return PspCtrlButtons.Square;
    case Keys.D: return PspCtrlButtons.Circle;
    case Keys.Q: return PspCtrlButtons.LeftTrigger;
    case Keys.E: return PspCtrlButtons.RightTrigger;
    case Keys.Up: return PspCtrlButtons.Up;
    case Keys.Return: return PspCtrlButtons.Start;
    case Keys.Space: return PspCtrlButtons.Select;
    case Keys.Right: return PspCtrlButtons.Right;
    case Keys.Down: return PspCtrlButtons.Down;
    case Keys.Left: return PspCtrlButtons.Left;

switch (Key)
    case Keys.I: AnalogUp = true; break;
    case Keys.K: AnalogDown = true; break;
    case Keys.J: AnalogLeft = true; break;
    case Keys.L: AnalogRight = true; break;

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