jueves, 15 de agosto de 2013

Release : Soywiz's Psp Emulator 2013-08-15 (r555)

  • Improved sasCore so games using it now reproduce notes better
  • Improved linux/mono speed a lot (there was a bug in the code generation that made function calls 100x slower)
  • Improved rendering speed. Now 3d games should be faster.
    • Skinning in hardware
    • Batch primitive join
    • Separated component uploading
  • Fixes on VFPU so Vallhala Knights is now showing skinned characters (still have some issues)
  • A CWCheat form editor.
  • Apply HQ2X to textures
  • View and edit textures with the new texture editor (it generates a .texmap file linked to the executable folder so it will be loaded each time) and you can customize or improve textures.
  • Added SMAA fullscreen antialiasing.

About the linux version:

Recently I have removed the OpenTK dependency. Now the size of the executable have changed from 9MB to 3MB and also launches MUCH faster. I am trying a native approach trying to using just stuff available on OpenGL|ES so it will be able to run on Android and Chrome's NaCl. One direct problem is that I had to prepare OpenGL context for all the supported platforms. I tried to port it to linux again, but at least in a VirtualMachine I didn't been able to initialize a Opengl 2.0 context.

Could someone with linux experience help me with this? The related file is this one:
I just get a 1.4 context, so shaders are not compiling.

Cheat editor:

HQ2X textures:

SMAA (disabled/enabled):

Texture editor:

1080p (4x resolution + SMAA + Textures with HQ2X)

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