sábado, 1 de diciembre de 2012

About pspautotests project

Forgot to write about this last time. I created mid last year a project called "pspautotests". I created it to be able to automatically test features on all psp emulators. I initially implemented it in my emulator, then I ported it to jpcsp. With the developement of the new awesome project ppsspp that started using that project, the work on that project have been increased a lot; lots of new tests, fixed stuff and a new system for the output.
The project have been moved to github: https://github.com/hrydgard/pspautotests/ and anyone can commit new tests.

Since cspspemu, jpcsp and ppsspp emulators are using this project, all the improvements here, will yield in better emulator implementations.

I dropped lot of compatibility with my last changes as I said. I think it was a necessary step-back that will improve speed in next releases and even more in the future when implemented more AST optimizations, that will be a good thing specially when ported to mobile devices. The good thing is that with pspautotests project improving a lot, any regressions introduced with new features or step-backs will be much easyly detected and will be fixed faster.

I want to thank Hrydgard to decide using pspautotests. Thanks!

3 comentarios:

  1. Hey Soywiz, project is dead or was only delayed?

    Good luck for you guys!

  2. when will come out your version?!!, as I see they are not progressing ...

  3. GIT was updated this week, dude. =)
    I'm glad this project is live and kickin'